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If You Build It, Will They Come? The Importance of Partnerships & Marketing for Online Programming

Cathleen Zick, Ph.D, Associate Dean - College of Social & Behavioral ScienceThe College of Social & Behavioral Science is a trail blazer when it comes to UOnline course development. But how…

From  Jasmine Harris A month ago 3 views

Ally for Students

The University of Utah is proud to announce the addition of Blackboard Ally to your Canvas classes. Ally is a simple tool that gives students and faculty the ability to convert documents and class…

From  AMANDA JEAN BABCOCK 4 Months ago 3,568 views

Design Tools Start Here Page

This tutorial will show you how to utilize the university's institutional template for a Start Here page in a Canvas course. A Start Here page is a great way to establish the need-to-know…

From  Jasmine Harris 9 Months ago 5 views