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PH TH 6040: M7.3.A. Shoulder and Axilla: Shoulder Complex

From  Allie McClaskey 56 plays

PHTH 6040: M4.4.A. Leg: Muscles (Lateral Compartment)

From  Allie McClaskey 48 plays

PH TH 6040: M4.1.B. Overview of Lower Limb: Fascial Planes and Muscles

From  Allie McClaskey 69 plays

Peparing for Study Abroad- Faculty and Staff

OEO and Title IX information about Study Abroad.

From  ELAINE NEWTON 2 plays

Publish your Video to a Course Media Gallery

The Media Gallery works a lot like a course YouTube channel. It allows students to search videos posted a lost fast and easier. Also, as the instructor if you are allowing downloads of your videos,…

From  MICAH MURDOCK 140 plays