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PH TH 6040: M7.3.F. Shoulder and Axilla: Anatomical Spaces

From  Allie McClaskey 53 plays

PH TH 6040: M2.2.C. Anterior Abdominal Wall: Organization

From  Allie McClaskey 63 plays

PHTH 6040: M4.5.D. Foot: Vasculature

From  Allie McClaskey 6 plays

PH TH 6040: M4.1.B. Overview of Lower Limb: Fascial Planes and Muscles

From  Allie McClaskey 69 plays

SA All Staff 11.04.21

From  AMANDA NORTH 9 plays

Trim the beginning and end of your video in Canvas My Media

Learn how to trim the beginning and end of your videos in My Media to get rid of the awkward moments of setting up or taking down.

From  MICAH MURDOCK 267 plays