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assignment 2 models

NIST case studies for Load Cell and Thermal Expansion of Copper

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Assignment 1 Process Modeling

linear and non-linear model examples

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week07 process modeling

Week 07 Process Modeling lecture slides for MST 6600

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Week02 check standard lecture

This is the second video lecture covering some basic operations in RStudio used to work through the Check Standard exercise.

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MST 6600 Applied Statistics General Overview (Part II)

- Hypotheis testing - Type I and Type II errors- Spread about the mean - Deviance - Sum of squared errors - Variance - Standard deviation - Standard error

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getting started with R Studio - updated June 2020

A short overview of R scripts, R Markdown, and ggplot

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MST 6600 - Applied Statistics - General Overview (part I)

A short presentation covering general concepts will use during the course.

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Campus announcements and Kaltura with Cecile and Adam

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