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PH TH 6040: M7.6.B. Hand: Muscles (Thenar and Hypothenar)

From  Allie McClaskey 42 plays

PH TH 6040: M7.6.A. Hand: Bones, Fascia, and Actions

From  Allie McClaskey 48 plays

PH TH 6040: M7.6.E. Hand: Vasculature

From  Allie McClaskey 38 plays

PH TH 6040: M7.6.D. Hand: Innervation

From  Allie McClaskey 38 plays

PH TH 6040: M7.5.A. Forearm: Muscles (Superficial Anterior Compartment)

From  Allie McClaskey 43 plays

PH TH 6040: M7.5.F. Forearm: Vasculature

From  Allie McClaskey 40 plays

PH TH 6040: M7.4.C. Arm: Vasculature

From  Allie McClaskey 44 plays

PH TH 6040: M7.5.E. Forearm: Innervation

From  Allie McClaskey 41 plays

PH TH 6040: M7.2.D. Overview of Upper Limb: Vasculature

From  Allie McClaskey 48 plays

PH TH 6040: M1.3.A. Joints

From  Allie McClaskey 57 plays

PHTH 6040: M1.2.A. Bones

From  Allie McClaskey 54 plays

O365 Login through Canvas

From  MICAH MURDOCK 268 plays

O365 Assignment Set up

From  MICAH MURDOCK 82 plays

Embed Your Video

Learn how to embed playable video thumbnails anywhere in Canvas with a rich content editor including Pages, Discussions, Assignments, Quizzes, and Announcements.

From  MICAH MURDOCK 208 plays

Embedding a Playlist on a Canvas Page

Learn how to embed a playlist from Media Gallery on to a Canvas page. Embedding playlists on a Canvas page offers convenience and less confusion than having students search for course videos in the…

From  MICAH MURDOCK 62 plays

Changing a Banner Image

Learn how to change the banner image when you have used one of the default banner images from Design Tools. Settings a customized banner image can add personality and/or a theme to a course.

From  MICAH MURDOCK 79 plays