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The Story UCL's Learning Experiences - 21.11.19 Expert Interview with Cory Stokes

Cory Stokes shares the foundation and background of University Connected Learnings ability to deliver on learning experiences through technologies and experience design. Enjoy this conversation…

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Making the UCL Vision a Reality - 21.12.02 Expert Interview with Deborah Keyek-Franssen

Listen as we discuss how the fundamental changes in learning have opened up opportunities for us to building on the foundation of the past. University Connected Learning is prepared to meet the…

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UCL Programs and Community Connections -21.11.01 Expert Interview with Nate Friedman

Nate Friedman shares the exciting things happening with UCL programs and community outreach. Be sure to visit to explore more. Head over to to learn more about the…

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Innovation, Creativity and Community - 21.10.06 Expert Interview with Holly Johnson

In this episode Holly Johnson, University Connected Learning's Associate Director, Learning Experience Innovation & Outreach. Holly was recently named as an Adobe Creative Campus Thought…

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UCL: Growing Together - 21.09.24 Expert Interview with Jodi Emery

Jodi Emery shares her insights on how University Connected Learning is growing together with professional development, collaborative learning in communities of practice (COP) and other growth…

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New System Transition - 21.08.24 Expert Interview - Lessons learned through UCL Marketing's move to a new project management system

The University Connected Learning Marketing Team is transitioning to a new Project Management System. Learn from their experience with their helpful advice and valuable lessons learned.

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Predictive and Adaptive Project Types - 21.06.24 Expert Interview with Jon Thomas

The IMPROV Podcast - Making IMPROVement with IMPROVisation.

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