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PH TH 6040: M8.3.D. Heart: Cardiac Cycle

From  Allie McClaskey 33 plays

PH TH 6040: M7.3.G. Shoulder and Axilla: Joints

From  Allie McClaskey 26 plays

SA All Staff meeting 04.07.2022

From  AMANDA NORTH 11 plays

SA All Staff 01.06.2022

From  AMANDA NORTH 20 plays

SA All Staff 11.04.21

From  AMANDA NORTH 9 plays

SA All Staff 09.02.21

Due to technical difficulties please watch the video featured in the meeting here:

From  AMANDA NORTH 15 plays

SA All Staff 08.05.21

From  AMANDA NORTH 16 plays

SA All Staff 07.01.21

From  AMANDA NORTH 12 plays

SA All Staff 06.03.21

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SA All Staff 04.01.21

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SA All Staff 02.04.21

From  AMANDA NORTH 10 plays

Winter Celebration 2020

From  AMANDA NORTH 17 plays

SA All Staff 11.05.20

From  AMANDA NORTH 18 plays

University of Utah - Developing Digital Skills through Adobe Creative Cloud

University of Utah President Ruth V. Watkins and Digital Learning Officer Cory Stokes highlight how Adobe creative tools help students develop skills and demostrate their readiness for jobs in the…

From  Adam Stewart 36 plays

Pushing the Boundaries of Canvas

Jennifer Brown, Ph.D, Associate Professor - LEAP & Early College DepartmentCanvas can sometimes feel restricting when it comes to innovative teaching methods. Learn how Jennifer Brown and the…

From  MICAH MURDOCK 88 plays

Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Mark Durham, DMD, Assistant Professor - School of DentistryVR has the spiked the interests not just for video game developers but educators. Learn how the School of Dentistry is using virtual reality…

From  MICAH MURDOCK 68 plays