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SA All Staff 01.06.2022

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SA All Staff 09.02.21

Due to technical difficulties please watch the video featured in the meeting here:

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SA All Staff 06.03.21

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SA All Staff 04.01.21

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SA All Staff 02.04.21

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SA All Staff 11.05.20

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Video Capture Classroom Systems

Over 100 General Access classrooms across campus are outfitted with simple USB Video Capture Classroom Systems. Watch this video to learn more about these systems!

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Peparing for Study Abroad- Faculty and Staff

OEO and Title IX information about Study Abroad.

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Campus announcements and Kaltura with Cecile and Adam

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O365 Login through Canvas

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Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Mark Durham, DMD, Assistant Professor - School of DentistryVR has the spiked the interests not just for video game developers but educators. Learn how the School of Dentistry is using virtual reality…

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