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MuSSeL Tutorial II: Tutorials for Language Teachers: Using the Multilingual Spoken Second Language (MuSSeL) Corpus

Speaker: Dr. Erin Schnur Date: Feb. 2019Schnur, E. (2019, February 5). Tutorials for language teachers: Using the multilingual spoken second language (MuSSeL) corpus [Video Tutorial]. University…

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MuSSeL Tutorial I: The Multilingual Corpus of Second Language Speech (MuSSeL)

Speaker: Dr. Erin Schnur Date: Nov. 2018This five-minute tutorial introduces the multilingual spoken second language (MuSSeL) corpus, explains the pilot corpus search filters, and describes how…

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MuSSeL Tutorial III: MuSSeL Corpus Tutorial: Introducing AntConc Software and Basic Corpus Searches

Speaker: Dr. Erin Schnur Date: June 2019 Schnur, E. (2019, June 5). MuSSeL corpus tutorial: Introducing AntConc software and basic corpus searches [Video Tutorial]. University of Utah. Link

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Canvas Settings

If you go by a different name than what your school records have you as, or you prefer a different language or you are currently in a different location and want to receive your course due dates and…

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Canvas Notifications

Learn how to set up your personal account settings and notifications within Canvas. Having your notifications properly set up with the different contact methods you check on a daily basis is so…

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Design Tools Start Here Page

This tutorial will show you how to utilize the university's institutional template for a Start Here page in a Canvas course. A Start Here page is a great way to establish the need-to-know…


University of Utah Adobe Account

At the University of Utah, students and faculty have access to Adobe Creative Cloud and featured products including Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator at no cost. This a quick video to show you how…

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Canvas Profile

Learn how to access and set up your personal profile in Canvas as a great tool to let people know ways of getting in contact with you with and providing a short biography about your self.


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