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2023 Webinar: Creating Pedagogical Materials Using Learner Corpora

Speaker: Dr. Elnaz Kia Date: Friday, May 19, 2023Length: 1h 45mThe primary purpose of this webinar is to familiarize language teachers with learner corpora, which refer to sizable compilations of…

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Prerequisite Video for the Workshop, "Creating Corpus-Informed Materials for the Dual Language Immersion Classroom"

This video was created as a prerequisite for the "Creating Corpus-Informed Materials for the Dual Language Immersion Classroom" workshop. The purpose of this video is to ensure workshop…

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MuSSeL Tutorial I: The Multilingual Corpus of Second Language Speech (MuSSeL)

Speaker: Dr. Erin Schnur Date: Nov. 2018This five-minute tutorial introduces the multilingual spoken second language (MuSSeL) corpus, explains the pilot corpus search filters, and describes how…

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MuSSeL Tutorial III: MuSSeL Corpus Tutorial: Introducing AntConc Software and Basic Corpus Searches

Speaker: Dr. Erin Schnur Date: June 2019 Schnur, E. (2019, June 5). MuSSeL corpus tutorial: Introducing AntConc software and basic corpus searches [Video Tutorial]. University of Utah. Link

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2021 Webinar II: Creating Data-Driven Pedagogical Materials Using Learner Corpora: A Guide for Language Teachers

Speaker: Dr. Elnaz Kia Date: Thursday, May 6, 2021Length: 1h 03mThe purpose of this webinar is to introduce language teachers to learner corpora (i.e., large collections of texts…


2021 Webinar I: Corpus Linguistics for Language Teachers: An Introduction

Speaker: Dr. Elnaz Kia Date: Friday, March 5, 2021Length: 1h 54m This webinar is an introduction to corpus linguistics as a tool for language teaching. Corpus linguistics uses computer-based tools…


Spaced Learning for Instructors

Describes what spaced learning is and tips for how instructors can implement it in the classroom.

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Retrieval Practice for Instructors

Describes what retrieval practice is and tips for how instructors can implement it in the classroom.

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TA VIDEO_Update September 13

Title IX training for Teaching Assistants and Graduate Assistants

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Simple Studio

Simple Studio is an automated, self-serve video studio located in the Social Work building, available to all University of Utah faculty and staff. You can easily create video content with a few…

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If You Build It, Will They Come? The Importance of Partnerships & Marketing for Online Programming

Cathleen Zick, Ph.D, Associate Dean - College of Social & Behavioral ScienceThe College of Social & Behavioral Science is a trail blazer when it comes to UOnline course development. But how…

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Pushing the Boundaries of Canvas

Jennifer Brown, Ph.D, Associate Professor - LEAP & Early College DepartmentCanvas can sometimes feel restricting when it comes to innovative teaching methods. Learn how Jennifer Brown and the…

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Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Mark Durham, DMD, Assistant Professor - School of DentistryVR has the spiked the interests not just for video game developers but educators. Learn how the School of Dentistry is using virtual reality…

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Designing, Building, Implementing a Fully Online Degree Program

Jason Castillo, Ph.D, Director, BSW Program - College of Social WorkLearn about the team work it takes to develop a fully-online degree program and all of the different resources available to you.

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Intelligent Design in a Fully Online STEM Service Course

Greg Owens, Ph.D, Associate Professor - Chemistry DepartmentSome think a STEM course cannot be online because it should be hands on. Learn how Greg Owens researched and experimented with different…

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Create a Playlist

Learn how to create a playlist in a Canvas course.

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